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White stag headdress

White Stag Mini Hawk

$ 310.00

The white Stag mini headdress is a smaller, lighter, version of our full size. Each feather is placed by hand so they almost resemble fur spread throughout the hawk. The antlers are cast from the real thing but these are more durable made from solid resin plastic. These are not cheap party city horns, they are solid and you will want to watch out for door frames and your friends.

The front is decorated with soft white fur and has curved metal spikes emerging from the front in a triangle pattern.

The white stag headdress weighs a little less than a pound and the underside of the cap is padded with thick quarter inch sound proofing felt. The head harness is adjustable to fit nearly any size head. No measurements are required for this item.

This headdress is in stock and ready to ship. It ships within 1-2 business days of ordering and ships express overnight within the continental US. 

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