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Red and Black Fluffinator Fur Flogger

Red and Black Fluffinator Fur Flogger

$ 165.00

A Fluffinator is a faux fur flogger with a leather braided handle that has packets of steel shot loaded into the ends of the fur tails. This makes this flogger deceptively thuddy! A great tool for both sensual and thuddy impact play, a Fluffinator flogger is a really unique addition to any toybag.

They have been described as getting hit by a fluffy truck. I recommend taking a few practice swings with this guy before using it on a person. The impact will be much heavier than it feels in the hand. 

This fluffinator has 18" tails with an 8" handle. Please note that colors can appear different from monitor to monitor and I do not guarantee that the product will be the exact shade on your monitor. If you require a highly specific color please contact me and ask for swatches.

My floggers have steel cores in the handle and are balanced. All are made by hand, by me, in my studio in Los Angeles. 


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