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Red and Black Claw Glove, Size Large, Right Hand

Red and Black Claw Glove, Size Large, Right Hand

$ 165.00

This is a single red and black claw gauntlet, size large for a right hand. It is ready to ship immediately. Shipping takes 3-6 business days to arrive in the US. Please see the size chart photo to determine fit. The straps are elastic so there is a bit of wiggle room here.

If you would like to have a pair made for you please see this listing;

These claws are so much fun! They add a really great touch to many different kinds of costume. I've had customers use them in everything from dragon armor to Predator imaginings to Nazgul cosplays. 

Each finger has articulated joints that move with you. The claws on the end are lightweight, durable resin and are attached to the gauntlet by a rivet that goes through the base of the claw. There are fixed elastic straps that go around the palm of the hand and fingers and adjustable belts around the wrist and fore arm.

The gauntlet is made from veg tan hand molded and dyed leather. It is high quality, durable and lightweight. Each piece of leather holds its shape on its own. This piece is not made from thin leather that has simply been folded over the claws and riveted in place, each piece is cut, molded and dyed individually.

See how it moves here-

When choosing your size please see the chart in the last photo. Please keep in mind that these are NOT gloves, they are armor. These are not great for dexterous work. 

When your gloves arrive you may need to do a bit of modifying to get the perfect fit. If the rivets press against your knuckles this can be solved with some moleskin. The leather will also relax and loosen after some wear. If some of the fingers are not articulating properly this can usually be fixed by gluing a bit of foam to the underside of the claw (between the back of the finger and the underside of the leather)

Please note that the thumb and pinky are designed to open and close in a claw fashion. This means they do not have 180 degrees of motion like your fingers do.

In short, please observe the photos and video link above carefully and make sure you understand what these items are really capable of before buying. If all you plan on doing in them is holding a sword, mug of ale or being in costume these will work just fine. If you need to play an instrument, type, pull things out of pockets, etc...then these may not be for you.

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