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Purple Rain Floggers- Matched Pair- Nubuck and Suede

Purple Rain Floggers- Matched Pair- Nubuck and Suede

$ 310.00

These floggers are in stock and ready to ship. The tails are made from soft dark purple nubuck and lighter purple suede. The tails are lightweight and there are over 60 tails per flogger making each of these lightweight mops.

These floggers have a light thud with very little sting. They would be good for someone looking for a pair of warm up floggers or someone looking for ones more on the sensation side than the big heavy hitting side. Lighter weight floggers are great for florentine flogging since they won't wear you out as fast as heavier pieces.

The handles of these are braided in matt purple, metallic purple, and patent plumb. There are slight differences in the knotwork in the two floggers to add a bit of style and so you can tell them apart.

The handles are 8" long with 20" tails. This is a one of a kind set made from limited edition leather. All of my floggers are balanced and made with steel cores.

If you have questions about floggers or would like to learn more I recommend my Flogger FAQ-

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