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Pony Play Mane Horse Hair

Pony Play Mane and Headstall

$ 370.00

Pony play bridle and headstall with an optional bit. The bridle and base of the mane are made from leather and highly adjustable to fit most head sizes. 

The horse hair is sourced humanely from a ranch in Colorado where they keep very happy horses. You can brush and braid the hair of the pony play mane, it is distributed evenly throughout the arc of the mane. The hair is typically between 20-24 inches long with a bit of a taper toward the front. You can also choose a synthetic hair option.

The bit options are a rubber bit, snaffle bit with rubber coating, or 4" snaffle bit with no rubber. Bits do insert into the mouth and are not removable. If you do not want a bit please choose the no bit option. The bits do have rings where reins can be attached.

The pony play manes with real horse hair weigh between 2-3 pounds and can be heavy for people with neck problems. If you need something lighter please see my synthetic hair options which are closer to one pound.

The leather used in the bridle is thick hand edged and finished leather that is set with metal hardware. There is no stitching as the leather is already the appropriate thickness without false thickening.

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