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Fur Flogger Fluffinator- Pick your Color

Fur Flogger Fluffinator- Pick your Color

$ 150.00

The Fluffinator is a faux fur flogger that packs a massive punch. While it looks perfectly innocent this fur flogger tantalizes the skin with its soft, silky tails all the while hiding a hardcore secret. The tails of this flogger are weighted at the ends with steel shot making this an extremely heavy piece.

This fur flogger is not for the faint of heart or for those looking for a piece for sensation play, this flogger is extremely heavy and wields a massive thuddy hit. To quote a customer, it is "Soft and fluffy in an OMG OUCH! kind of way"

There is now an option to order the flogger without the weights to just have a standard fluffy flogger.

These floggers come with black handles unless otherwise requested. Please send me a message to request a handle color.

The Fluffinator has 7 tails and are approx 18 inches long, the handle is 8 inches long. Different color furs have different textures and prices vary by the softness and fullness of the fur.

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