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Dark Wings Nubuck Leather Flogger

Dark Wings Nubuck Leather Flogger

$ 165.00

Dark Wings is a flogger with some very cool leather for the tails. It is a grey nubuck that is slightly stiff so it packs a good sting. Nubuck is a cowhide leather that has the grain side buffed to produce a slight nap similar to suede. Since the leather still has its grain intact it is more durable than suede. 

The handle of this flogger has butterfly and moth wings embedded in clear resin. Each wing is unique and has its own colors that flash as the handle moves.

The acrylic handle is made with a clear acrylic tubing that has a shearing strength of over 400 pounds. The tails are 20 inches long and over 45 in number. The flogger is balanced.

All of my floggers are made by hand in my studio in Los Angeles. 

FAQ Flogger Questions;

What does it mean when a flogger is "balanced?"

- A balanced flogger has been weighted in the handle to balance out the weight of the tails. The purpose of this is to make a flogger that is easier to throw, more accurate and wears out the top less.

What is the difference between the different leathers used in floggers?

I have created an info graphic about this! You can find it here-

I am looking to buy my first flogger, what should I know?
I have created a guide to this and you can find it here-

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