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Rainbow leather flogger

Build Your own Jekyl and Hyde Flogger

$ 165.00

The Jekyl and Hyde flogger is one of my favorites. It combines normal flogger tails with a core of 9 braided tails. These add to the impact but not to the weight of the flogger in your hand. The braided tails are braided all the way to the end so that you get the full thuddy effect of the tail. 

This is a great medium level flogger and good for people who like thuddy impact.

These floggers are balanced and made with a steel core. All of my floggers are handmade by me in my studio in Los Angeles. 

You can choose your colors and the type of leather used in the unbraided tails for different properties.

Suede: Makes a flogger with a good balance between thud and sting, has a bit more bite over time in a session.

Deer: Soft with a good thud. Very sensual flogger. Deer is known for its durability.

Elk: Super Soft and Plongy. Thicker than deer and one of the most sought after leathers for floggers due its wonderfully thuddy, luxurious impact.  

These floggers have 8 " handles and 19" tails.

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