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Bronze Lambskin Finger Floggers

Bronze Lambskin Finger Floggers

$ 195.00

This listing is for the pair of floggers and is in stock and ready to ship. These floggers feel amazing. The leather is very soft and light. It has a smooth light thud on impact. Each flogger has double the tails of a normal flogger making them both lightweight mops. The grain side of the leather has a bronze metallic finish while the flesh side is a dark black. The handles are silver toned steel. 

Finger floggers are used by holding the handle with the center bar between your fingers and grasping the arms of the T. Usually, you keep a loose grip holding the handle lightly in your fingers, not tightly against your palm. The floggers are best swung in a continuous motion that allows them to keep their momentum.

All of my floggers are handmade in my studio in LA.

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