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Baseball Bat Flogger

Baseball Ball Bat Leather Flogger

$ 155.00

Every baseball bat flogger is made from a real Louisville Slugger baseball bat. These floggers are huge and pack a big hit! Not recommended for the faint of heart or those with small play spaces. 

Because of their size, I recommend these floggers for those who have a fair amount of flogging experience under their belt. Their large size means they are awkwardly balanced and throw much differently than a normal flogger.

Many of these floggers are close to 40 inches in length, including the handle. See each individual listing for specific flogger dimensions.

If you have been looking for a flogger with a different style, then the baseball bat flogger is a definite eye-catcher.

Tail Options;

Suede- Suede is heavy with a good amount of sting. I use heavy cowhide suede for my floggers.

Bullhide: Very heavy and thick. This will make a monster flogger

Standard Leather- My standard leather tails are made from high quality cowhide in different colors and around 3-4 oz weight. This will make a medium weight bat flogger with less sting than the suede.

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